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In my Promo Masterclass, you will develop the skills and confidence required to succeed in the world of promo voice acting. I help you tap into  your unique promo mojo.

Through my years of experience voicing promos daily at different networks, I have honed techniques that we will explore in class, including different types of reads and how to find your “soul clock” (your own innate timing).

Beyond just technical voice acting skills, my goal for this Promo Masterclass is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in this competitive industry.

  • Joe Cipriano In-Person Promo Masterclass

    The Joe Cipriano In-Person Promo Master Class offers you a rare opportunity to learn, and work with Joe, at NeueHouse on Sunset Blvd, in Hollywood, California.

    Sharing their vast industry knowledge along with Joe during this remarkable day will be Brett Winn and David Alden.

    Brett Winn is the Partner/Creative Director of The Refinery AV, which specializes in creative advertising, trailers and original video for theatrical, television, home entertainment, and video games.

    As a Post Production Supervisor for CBS Network, David Alden has overseen literarily thousands of network promo sessions and directed some of the best known voice over talent in the business.

    JJ Jurgens is the Senior Writer and Producer at Viacom/CBS Marketing & Promotion. JJ is a highly successful voice actor and Host and Founder of the TOMGIRL podcast. JJ will talk about “Nailing the Audition” during the afternoon session.

    There are also a few surprises! Guest Talent Agents and Managers will be dropping by throughout the day…

    “Lunch and Learn” for Auditors is currently open to all voiceover talent interested in learning more about Promos, and how to elevate their Promo game to the next level.

    Auditors will receive all of the same knowledge and information from Joe and the expert professionals as the Participants, but will not be called upon to read copy. 

    Auditors Receive:

    • Friday Night No-Host Mixer at I/O Rooftop Lounge, located at The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood. 6:30 pm
    • 10 AM – 6:30 PM A comfortable seat in THE SCREENING ROOM, where the live instruction and direction takes place.
    • Delicious Lunch Included at NeueHouse on Saturday.
    • DISCOUNT room rate at The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood (within walking distance of NeueHouse.)

    Auditor Registration: $250 – Full payment required to secure your spot.

    The Participant Level of the Promo Master Class is designed for working pros only, with instructor approval required. A Promo Demo, or your best demo highlighting your skills, must be submitted to be considered for this level in the class. 

    Currently, there are no Participant spots available. However, that could change, and you can opt to be placed on the waiting list.*

    *Please select “Waitlist for Participant Level” ticket. No deposit required, and we’ll notify you if a spot opens up. 

    Participants Receive:

    • One-on-one direction with Instructors, and Live Copy Reads 
    • DISCOUNT room rate at The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood
    • Invitation to Friday Night Mixer at The Godfrey Hotel (no host)
    • ALL INCLUSIVE Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday
    • Swag Bag!
    • Celebratory Dinner Saturday evening at ALK (About Last Knife), an upscale LA restaurant, located at The Godfrey Hotel.

    Participation Registration: $1700 (sold out)

    Waitlist: There is no deposit required to be on the waitlist


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    …And Welcome to our Supporters: BSW, CEntrence, and Source Elements!

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    Upcoming Sessions

    Saturday, September 30th 2023

Promo Masterclasses

  • Online Self-Paced Promo Masterclass

    This is the newest of all my classes. We’ve worked for several months on this self-paced online course that is designed to give you everything you need to know to succeed in the promo world and find your promo mojo.  You can do it at your own pace, any time of the day or night that fits your schedule, anywhere you are. We will cover the exact same material I teach in person at voice over conferences, retreats and my in-person Masterclasses.

    Included in the course, you will work from my interactive Masterclass booklet and I will be with you every step of the way via video explanations of your instruction, and your workout for that week’s study.

    With my online Promo Masterclass, you will work at your own pace, with reasonable deadlines for video and audio assignments that you will upload for me to review, personally respond to and direct your performances, often asking for retakes to fit the direction. We will work on the different types of skills, such as getting in touch with your “soul-clock,” something I’ve learned over the years voicing promos every day at the networks.

    By the end of the Joe Cipriano Online Promo Masterclass, you will be ready for anything that comes your way in the promo world. I’m looking forward to working with you, developing your “soul-clock” and helping you find your promo mojo.


    Upcoming Sessions

    Check back soon for the launch of our Self-Paced Masterclass, here and on Social Media! Social links are at the bottom of the page, click and follow us!

  • Find Your Promo Mojo FREE One-Hour Seminars

    Every couple of months we present a FREE “Find Your Promo Mojo” seminar, broadcast LIVE on all of our socials, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.  Everyone is invited to join in for free to learn the basics of performing Network, Cable and Streaming Promos.  It’s a fast pace and fun workshop and we take questions from our viewers.

    Our last FREE Seminar was on Tuesday, May 13th from 11am to 12noon pacific.  We had a huge audience from all over the world, who left some wonderful comments:

    Noura Magdi said:

    “Greetings from Egypt! It was amazing to see how the process goes for promos. Thank you for the insights”

    Terry Briscoe said:

    “Taking your class gave me great insights into the promo genre that I will take into my coaching sessions.”

    Mike Lynch said:

    “For you to give up this hour of your time is awesome.  Thank you very much”

    Johnny George said:

    “Thank you for great info”

    Mike Paul said:

    “So much great advice today and for free. Thanks Joe, it was fun to see the process in real time.”

    David Matranga said:

    “Thanks Joe! So grateful that you will share your time with us”

    Upcoming Sessions

    June 29th 11am Pacific on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

  • 3-Hour LIVE Online: Find Your Promo Mojo Class

    In this 3-hour online Zoom session, Joe will present the core teachings of his weekend Promo Masterclasses. During the interactive Zoom class, we will concentrate on the three different types of promo sessions you’ll encounter in your promo career.

    In addition, attendees will become familiar with the requirements they’ll face with these different types of promo sessions, for example:

    1. Finding the story,
    2. Creating the energy and emotion,
    3. Interpreting the copy, and the performance.

    We’ll spend time developing your “soul-clock”; that almost 6th sense of timing that is so important in promo. This class is designed to give you a full understanding of what is expected of voice over talent when booked to do a promo and get you ready for anything that could come your way in the promo world.

    For the price of a “spot and a tag,” you’ll be one step closer to achieving your Promo voice over goals!*

    *Please note that during the registration process, you’ll be prompted to submit a demo for review by Joe, prior to acceptance into the class. If you don’t have a promo demo, please submit a demo that you feel best represents your work.

    Upcoming Sessions

    Currently being planned for October 2023. Click the "Contact Joe for info" button at the top of the page to get on the list

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    Promo Masterclass with Joe Cipriano

    Upcoming Sessions




Promo masterclass with voice actor Joe Cipriano
Promo Masterclass with Joe Cipriano
Promo Masterclass with Joe Cipriano

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