Every couple of months we present a FREE “Find Your Promo Mojo” seminar, broadcast LIVE on all of our socials, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.  Everyone is invited to join in for free to learn the basics of performing Network, Cable and Streaming Promos.  It’s a fast pace and fun workshop and we take questions from our viewers.

Our last FREE Seminar was on Tuesday, May 13th from 11am to 12noon pacific.  We had a huge audience from all over the world, who left some wonderful comments:

Noura Magdi said:

“Greetings from Egypt! It was amazing to see how the process goes for promos. Thank you for the insights”

Terry Briscoe said:

“Taking your class gave me great insights into the promo genre that I will take into my coaching sessions.”

Mike Lynch said:

“For you to give up this hour of your time is awesome.  Thank you very much”

Johnny George said:

“Thank you for great info”

Mike Paul said:

“So much great advice today and for free. Thanks Joe, it was fun to see the process in real time.”

David Matranga said:

“Thanks Joe! So grateful that you will share your time with us”