Fresh Demos is something new I’ve added to Joe Cipriano Career Consulting. I truly enjoy working with talent and creating demos that not only represent who they are but show them at their best.

Fresh Demos is a new approach to creating a promo demo that stands out from all the rest. I’ve been a promo voice for the past 30 years and my mission statement is to custom craft your demo the same way I’d create my own. We work at a higher level with a dedication to reality in form and substance. The process begins with selecting the shows to be included in your promo demo, tailored to your strengths and styles. We choose current shows that best suit and best demonstrate your vocal talent and versatility.

Once the content for your promo demo is selected, we follow the same standards as Network Television, Cable Networks and Marketing Vendors. Our writer/producers view individual episodes of the shows that are selected for your demo and go about creating a custom promo for each show.  The promos for your demo are created, written and readied for you to voice from scratch, just as it’s done at the networks.

When we go into session to record your promo demo, in addition to reading wild, you’ll also read to produced spots with sound on tape, music and effects already in place, just as it’s done in a network promo session.

As a promo voice for Fox, CBS, NBC and others, this is the way I have always voiced promos. I believe if you want a finished product that shows you at your best, it must be done with that same reality and professionalism and at the same high standards.  Every segment in your demo is real, custom created for you and the same professional quality you see and hear on national television.

THAT makes a difference! And it’s one reason why we call ’em Fresh Demos

I’m very happy to present our latest Fresh Demo. Chris Ryan knocks it out of the park on this. Take a listen!