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29 10, 2010

Joe chats on Vox Talk

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Joe Cipriano was recently featured on a series of Vox Talk podcasts on You can find the audio here: Jesse Springer Interviews Joe Cipriano Part 1 of 3 Part 2 of 3 Part 3 of 3 Thanks for the interviews Jesse - great job!

29 10, 2010

Joe Featured in Podcast

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Recently, member and podcaster, Donna Papacosta interviewed Joe on her podcast, Here is the link -  and thanks for the great interview Donna!

11 10, 2010

Joe Cipriano Receives Don LaFontaine Legacy Award

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Joe's award was covered by Voiceover Extra - thanks for the shout out! Joe Cipriano, the premier voice talent heard daily worldwide and a passionate advocate for the voice-over industry, has been chosen to receive the 2nd Annual Don LaFontaine Legacy Award, to be presented on June 24 by PromaxBDA and Brief Magazine.

10 10, 2010


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Joe Cipriano was a featured panelist at the very successful THAT'S VOICEOVER! event recently in New York City. Read John Florian's excellent coverage in VoiceOverXtra.

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