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Lake Bell

Lake Bell

Lake Bell has completed the shooting schedule of a feature film called “In A World.” She’s directing and acting in the film, which is about the world of voice-over artists. Lake didn’t want to reveal too much about the movie. “I’m not going to say who’s in it yet, but it’s ridiculous, like, the comedy elite. Let’s just say I made some phone calls.” She did, however, explain the movie’s premise. “When I first came to Hollywood, I was sure I was going to be one of the world’s greatest voice-over artists. I was really good at accents, so I figured I come out here and make a ton of money. It didn’t happen. She has done a few voice-over parts, such as the witch in Shrek 4. But at the present juncture, she’s speeding down the super-highway of feature films and not looking back.

Lake auditioned scores of actual voice over artists to add a touch of realism to her feature. One of the “real” voice over actors appearing in the film is (Fox, CBS, Deal or No Deal) voice-star, Joe Cipriano.


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Joe in Voice Over Xtra

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Thanks to Kelley Buttrick, Ustaff writer for VoiceOverXtra for the great story on my Wheel of Fortune on-air audition. This is a reprint from, click here to see the original story.

Wheel of Fortune Audition Spins This Week For Joe Cipriano

By Kelley Buttrick
Voice Talent
VOXtra Staff Writer
March 7, 2011

(VOXtra) – The prize wheel is spinning, and Hollywood voice talent Joe Cipriano hopes it lands on the big one: New Wheel of Fortune Announcer.

“For me, Wheel of Fortune would be a career changer, a life changer,” says Cipriano

“It’s an ensemble, and there are many spokes in that wheel including writers, producers, cast, crew, music and contestants.

“I’d be thrilled to be a part of it.”


After the passing of iconic announcer Charlie O’Donnell, 78, this past November, Wheel of Fortune has been using guest announcers and is currently auditioning for the new voice of the show.

Cipriano’s audition week began tonight and runs through March 11 on CBS.

Producers will put a great deal of emphasis on viewer opinions during the audition process.

And people can weigh in with responses at [link removed], and post on the show’s wall at [link removed]


For those who have worked with Cipriano over his 27-year career, he would be the ideal voice of the number one show in syndication since 1983.

“Joe is the perfect fit for Wheel of Fortune. They call it America’s game, and he’s America’s voice,” says Susan Moore, vice president of marketing operations for Fox Broadcasting on-air promotion.

“His voice is so inviting that you just want to be where he is.”


Working in front of a live audience is energizing for Cipriano, who has a great deal of experience announcing for game shows, awards shows and other live venues.

“I love doing live shows. There is a thrill knowing that the mic is live to however many millions of people,” he says.

“It takes a great deal of concentration, but it must sound natural, and at the same time fit into very specific time slot.”


As he was recording the Wheel of Fortune auditions, Cipriano was directed by executive producer Harry Friedman to avoid doing an imitation of the show’s beloved Charlie O’Donnell.

“That just opened a door for me to run with what I was thinking,” says Cipriano.

“Just like Charlie was the sound for his era, I would like to be the sound of Wheel of Fortune for 2011 and beyond – and that’s going to be a different sound.

“They said they wanted something different, so that’s what I tried to give them.”


If he’s chosen, it would be Cipriano’s second time working for the Merv Griffin organization.

At 16, Cipriano was hired for his first broadcasting job, working Sundays at a Waterbury, CT radio station. Griffin signed his first paycheck.

Since then, he has been heard on all major radio and television networks, including being hired as the original image voice for Fox Broadcasting.

Additionally, he has live announced for the Emmy Awards, GQ Magazine’s Men of the Year Awards, The VH1 Honors and more.

Cipriano has also voiced countless promotional announcements and produced and hosted shows of his own.

He is also a regular tweeter and has a Facebook fan page at:


Cipriano is known for being malleable throughout his extensive career.

“Joe is a true professional and understands that this is a business that requires adaptability,” says his long-time agent Rita Vennari, president of SBV Talent.

“He continues to work his craft and grow his talent. If you look at his entire career, the sounds have changed, and Joe has adapted.

“He’s an engaging voice and you just want to listen to him.”


Cipriano wanted to give something back to the industry he loves, and last year co-founded the Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab in Los Angeles with Paul Pape and George Whittam.

It is a tribute to the man who was well known not only for his work, but also his generosity.

The mission of the project is “to encourage new voice over talent to excel in their chosen field. To become the center of the voice over community, to inspire support and nurture.“

Cipriano has similarly earned a reputation as being more than a great voice over talent.

“He’s just a good guy. People have always liked working with Joe. He’s fun, and he’s a professional,” saysVennari.

“He understands that the voice over talent’s relationship with the writers and producers is a team.”

And this week, Cipriano is hoping his fans and the show’s viewers want him to be a part of Wheel of Fortune’s team by posting their support on and


Joe in Radio World

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Thanks to Paul McLane, U.S. editor in chief of Radio World for the great story on my Wheel of Fortune on-air audition. This is a reprint from Radio World, click here to see the original story.

Joe Cipriano Takes a Crack at Fortune’s ‘Wheel’

Permanent link
Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief of Radio World.

Voice talent Joe Cipriano, familiar voice of many radio stations, and heard regularly on CBS, Fox and TV shows like “Deal or No Deal” (not to mention promos for another program much in the news lately, “Two and a Half Men”) says he’s been invited to audition on-air for the chance to become the new announcer for “Wheel of Fortune.”

He’s drumming up interest and letting radio stations know he’s available for phoner interviews about “what it’s like behind-the-scenes at ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and my experiences working as a television announcer in Hollywood.”

He recently taped two weeks of the program. Radio World profiled Joe some years ago and thought this sounded interesting; so we dropped him an e-mail to ask a little more about it.

Cipriano, a former radio air personality in L.A. and Washington, said it must be difficult for the producers of Wheel to find a new voice to replace the late Charlie O’Donnel, who died last fall. “Charlie O’Donnel was legendary and the ‘sound’ of the show for the past 20 years,” he said.

In preparing for the guest slot, Cipriano did his best to immerse himself in the show and its history. He relates the story of how show creator Merv Griffin wanted a new guy named Sajak to take over as host in the early 1980s. When the network said no, Joe relates, “Merv believed Pat Sajak was the future of Wheel and he said, ‘If you don’t want Pat, you don’t get Wheel of Fortune,’ and he shut down the show.”

Cipriano said several announcers are trying out for the permanent Wheel gig.

“When I was brought in to do two weeks on Wheel, the producers and director said, we don’t want you to ‘do Charlie O’Donnel,’ and I took that to heart. … Charlie was fun, he was a funny guy, not just a big voice, and that’s hard to impersonate.

“My intention while auditioning was always to have fun and be me, but to honor the show ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ because it is a legend. People tune in to ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to play a great game, we all play along at home, they want to see Pat Sajak because he’s funny, he’s sharp-witted … They love the relationship between him and Vanna and they love Vanna’s personality and the beauty of the gowns.”

Griffin “always updated the show and changed with the times,” Cipriano said. “My intention as the announcer of Wheel of Fortune was to make it sound like 2011 … 2012 … 2013 and beyond.”

Go get ’em Joe!

Originally Posted on Radio World Blog ( Paul McLane at 03/03/2011 02:08:06 PM


Thanks Corey

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Corey Burton

When I first started to get some “big time” voice over work in Los Angeles, it was 1982. I had stumbled into a niche, being cast as a voice on movie trailers and commercials for teen movies…Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Porky’s, Bachelor Party, All the Right Moves and several others. During the early 80’s, I did a lot of this work at a studio called Prism Recording on North Seward in Hollywood. It was in fact a little “house” set back behind a front building on the street, that had been turned into a recording studio. It was owned by Pat Prendergast (who in 1984 helped my wife buy me a Neumann U87 as a birthday gift. The same mic I still use today) When you walked in the front door of Prism Recording, you found yourself in a living room, the kitchen was to the right and the bedrooms in the back of the house were the studios. It was here that I first met some of the most amazing voice over artists in the world.

One of the most amazing and truly eclectic was Corey Burton. We were both young, about the same age and we had a lot of passion for our business but unlike me Corey was a walking treasure chest of voices. So much was inside his head and he was in such control of his vocal cords, he could hardly contain it all…sounds and voices just leaked out of him in normal conversation. It seemed to me that he could dream up anything in his head and command his vocal cords to produce that exact sound he had imagined. This was quite amazing to me because I was more of a “promo voice,” an uptempo, straight forward sort of sound. While Corey could do that as well with ease he could also do so much more with seemingly little effort at all. I learned early on that the “greats” in any field can do incredible things and make it look as if it’s so easy and so effortless.

Corey Burton -

Corey Burton -

These were great times for me as I transitioned from my on-air radio career to the dream of working in voice overs full time. It was during these early years when I met Corey and Don LaFontaine, Mark Elliot, Chuck Riley, Peter Cullen, Dick Tufeld, Ernie Anderson, Danny Dark and so many other greats of voice over.

Those days of sitting on the living room couch at Prism Recording chatting with several of these greats as we all waited to go into one of the studios to record our gigs are long gone unfortunately.
Imagine if we had a video camera running during these days, but it didn’t seem so incredible while it was happening, it only reveals itself as truly special in hindsight. These days we are all in our own home studios, some are on the big studio couch in the sky, but in either case the simple truth is…we don’t get to see each other much and interact in such a way.

Flash forward to 2010 now. When I decided I wanted to have an intro to the video page on my website, I thought “how cool would it be to have the old NBC bumper…”the following program is brought to you in Living Color on NBC” as the intro. But I wanted to actually recreate it somehow….find the music bed or frankenstein it together (which my web designer Tom Anthony did). I thought of recording the voice over myself, but then decided if we’re gonna do it, we really should do it right….which meant Corey Burton. Besides his incredible talent for animation voices, Corey has a great respect for the announcers of a by-gone era. The voices he grew up with coming out of his living room TV, the same voices I grew up with.

Here is the video

If it were 1982, I would ask Corey for a favor while we were hanging around at Prism Recording one day, but we’re nearly two decades past that. So, I asked him in an email and apologized for the written imposition. I haven’t seen Corey in about 10 years, but I hear him on my radio, my television and my computer all the time. We have the same agents as well.

Corey wrote back immediately and said he would LOVE to do it for me. In fact in his inimitable style said, “Lovely hearing from you anytime! I’m flattered that you’d ask me to take part in this retro-cool “button” piece, and I would consider it a real honor.”

How cool is THAT. And then he went on, as only Corey Burton can…he is a perfectionist when it comes to recreating “sound”

“It would be a pleasure to record and play around with a handful of variations in tone and delivery to find the best note to both emulate and slightly send-up the old peacock logo VO. I know I can’t match the classic guy’s sound with total accuracy, but with my old RCA Ribbon and a few distortion/EQ tricks it should sound close enough to seem authentic.”

Again, I say…how COOL IS THAT!

What I received were about 30 takes on the written line with copy variations and the most precise recreation of a classic “sound” that just made my jaw drop. How did he do it? Well besides his remarkable talent and being a student of the classic announcer genre, he explained to me:

“I couldn’t help but try to mimic the classic track as precisely as my little voice can manage; having grown up hearing it played every half hour continuously during my formative years have etched it permanently into sonic memory snapshot, and it sounds so “wrong” to me if a microsecond of that familiar musical phrase falls out of place! Of course that obsession is what made me want to do this for a living in the first place – I know all of us share that kind of endless fascination with the Great Voices that made us light up with excitement as kids. So I recorded a bunch of takes – all very similar, of course – using my Zephyr set at G722 to flavor the sound with that old analog network land line coloration, and EQ’d it with a little more limiter added, for good measure.”

All this from just asking for a “favor.”

This all goes to point out the fact that we all ask friends and acquaintances from time to time for a “favor.” Can you pick up my newspapers while I’m out of town? “If you’re going to the market, can you get some butter?” And how many times have we all been asked to do a favor for a friend and of course we do it, but most times without much effort put into it. It’s just a favor after all.

When someone puts this kind of thought, effort and attention into a “favor” it leaves one in awe. It’s when a gift like this comes my way, I have a clear understanding of how thankful I am for the good fortune I’ve had in my life, my career and in the quality of the people I’ve met along the way.

That’s the sentiment behind these two simple words. “Thanks Corey.”

To visit Corey on the web go to


Grand Opening

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Take a look at the Grand Opening of the Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab Located at the SAG Foundation Actors Center in Los Angeles.


Secrets of Voice-Over Success

Secrets of Voice Over Success

Joe Cipriano is a contributing author to the book "Secrets of Voice-Over Success"

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Voice For Hire

Voice for Hire: Launch and Maintain a Lucrative Career in Voice-Overs

Joe Cipriano is a contributing author to the book "Voice for Hire"

Click here for details and purchase information from

Joe Cipriano is represented by

Rita Vennari at Sutton, Barth and Vennari in Los Angeles
(323) 938-6000

Want to contact Joe Directly?  Click Here.